June 12, 2014

Consultancy Africa Intelligence Internship Programme

Attention: Post-graduate students with an interest in Africa

Applications are accepted between 1 March & 15 June 2014
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Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI), an international web-based research and consultancy firm with an exclusive focus on the African continent, is looking for aspiring researchers and analysts with an interest in Africa to join our internship programme for the second half of 2014 (1 July – 31 December 2014). Internship positions are available in all eleven of our research units:

  1. Africa Watch
  2. Asia Dimension
  3. Conflict & Terrorism
  4. Counter-Proliferation
  5. Elections & Democracy
  6. Enviro Africa
  7. Finance & Economy
  8. Industry & Business
  9. Optimistic Africa
  10. Public Health
  11. Rights in Focus

In addition, CAI is now also offering internship opportunities with our Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor (ACMM) report. Interns with the ACMM (titled “ACMM Associates”) will work with our experienced team of analysts in the development of the dynamic new monthly report, which provides concise, insightful and up-to-date analyses of major conflict and terrorism trends in Africa. For more information about the ACMM, click here.

Who should apply?

The CAI internship programme is open to Masters and Doctoral students and graduates in applicable fields of study (Economics, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc).

Applicants should:

  1. have strong writing ability and research skills
  2. have relevant experience
  3. have an interest in, and a passion for Africa
  4. have good time-management skills
  5. have a drive to acquire relevant experience and exposure
  6. be diligent and reliable

What does the internship involve?

Successful applicants will become involved with one of CAI’s eleven research units OR CAI’s ACMM report, depending on their interest, experience and qualifications. The details of these two areas of internship involvement are briefly detailed in the below table.

Internship with
one of CAI’s eleven research units
Internship with 
CAI’s ACMM report
  • Opportunities to become involved in CAI projects
  • Author editorial-style discussion papers, potentially published on our website and shared with our content partners
  • Contribute to CAI’s social networking initiatives
  • Assist our analysts with research on assigned African countries/regions, topics or themes
  • Assist in the development of brief value-adding features and/or graphic content for the ACMM
  • Join an international team of expert analysts and researchers
  • Acquire invaluable experience in the research and consultancy fields
  • Develop skills and expertise in Africa-focused analysis, research and consultancy

The CAI internship is un-remunerated and web-based (i.e. successful applicants are not required to relocate). Interns who perform well during their internship may be offered (a) an opportunity to join CAI as a consultant and contribute to CAI projects; (b) an opportunity to become involved as a regional analyst or columnist for the ACMM report; and/or (c) an internship extension.

What is expected from CAI interns?

  1. Deadlines are critical and non-negotiable. Deadlines assigned by supervisors need to be adhered to. Interested students should therefore consider very carefully whether or not they will have adequate time to commit to the CAI internship on top of their current workload.
  2. At CAI we accept only the highest quality of work. Interns are selected based on the fact that we believe they can meet our organisation’s high standards.
  3. We therefore expect an intern’s best, and in turn will do our best to assist and support interns in developing their research and writing skills.
  4. Interns are expected to be in regular contact with their supervisors via e-mail, and also to check their e-mail regularly. CAI relies heavily on internet-based communication, and it is therefore critical that our team be efficient in this regard, as this efficiency directly impacts on the high standard of our organisation as a whole.

How to apply?

Interested students and graduates are invited to submit an application consisting of (a) their CV, (b) a brief motivation letter, and (c) two examples of previously written work to our Internship Manager, Kyle Hiebert ( kyle.hiebert@consultancyafrica.com) between 1 March and 15 June, 2014.

Applicants should indicate in their application e-mail which of the two internship opportunities (CAI’s research units and/or the ACMM report) they are applying for. If applying for an internship with one of CAI’s research units, applicants should specify which research unit(s) they would like to be considered for.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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  • Catherine Jul 14TH, 2014

    Is it late or do I still have a chance? I just saw this notice now…Please.

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