June 12, 2014

GLEEHD Foundation Internship

As an International Foundation, GLEEHD works in partnership with public institutions, regional and international development partners to promote the development of Africa and Africans, and our Interns are an integral part this work.

Seasonally, GLEEHD offer 6 – 12 month internship opportunities for young professionals at our offices globally. The objective of our internship program is to enable emerging leaders and young professionals to enhance their professional practice and/or research skills as well as contribute to the development of Africa.

In spring 2014, we are seeking qualified candidates for internships in the following areas; Administration, Web Development, Content, Programs and Logistics.

Available Internship Positions:



The Content Interns will work with our communications team in shaping and developing the foundation’s message. The Interns will compile weekly reports on foundation-related news articles and report on them. Additionally, interns will draft and edit relevant communication such as media pitches, program reports, proposals, press releases, inquiries and invitations, identify new media opportunities and assist with other designated aspects of media and communications. The role will offer incredible exposure to media monitoring and strategy.

He/She must have creative/business writing skills, should be able to handle in-depth research, and excel under tight deadlines. Organizational skills will be necessary for the handling of press requests and management of incoming correspondence. Excellent interpersonal skills are required as this position involves contributions to varied levels of communication for press, delegates and members of the public. Interns would also be involved in drafting and editing of documents for internal or external use, and database support.

*Familiarity with basic code and Photoshop is a big plus



The Events and Logistics Interns will have the opportunity to coordinate world-class events for donors, partners and members of the public. The interns will offer support on all facets of groundwork for events and their logistics including creation and organization of event materials, handling travel and lodging itinerary, attending meetings with team members and reporting on event-related communication with attendees, speakers and partners, as well as volunteer recruitment.

The Interns will also be required to assist in day-to-day administrative duties as needed, as well as offering assistance to other teams. Research and presentation skills are a must. Research subjects include, but are not limited to, delegates, invited guests, hosts and other topics.

We are seeking interns with the ability to be proactive and interest in our Foundation’s vision. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are required. Foreign language skills will be valued highly.



The Design interns will work with the design team to create graphics for the website, event brochures and communications materials.

Such individuals must possess working knowledge of typography and layout. A basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite is preferred. This role will present opportunities towards preparation of outreach strategies tailored to specific audiences, including donors, partners, and the general public.

The interns must demonstrate an understanding of how to use digital content to build a community, possess the ability to work within a fast-paced environment alongside a team. They will be required to assist other teams as needed and brainstorm on joint interns projects that will be aimed at meeting the goals of the foundation.



The Web Development Interns will work with web designers and developers to develop and maintain web pages on our websites in partnership with select teams. Candidates should possess either or both front-end and back-end skills.

Candidates will be required to research and initiate new web technologies as well as drawing attention to innovative social media prospects.  This position is an exciting one that will involve highlighting fundraising messages and promoting events through social media channels like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Familiarity with HTML, CSS, web programming or content management systems is preferred but not required. Above all else, the interns must be interested in the design, and application of web technologies and a desire to work with our foundation to achieve its objectives.



The Administration interns would contribute to managerial responsibilities and report to the Operations team.

Responsibilities include directing calls and taking notes while doing so, monitoring letters for the foundation, attending to guests and other administrative duties given. It will require handling of in-house conference details and ensuring that the office runs smoothly at all times.

These interns must have strong communication skills (including writing), organizational skills, professional office skills, and the ability to multitask. This is a front-office position that requires resourcefulness, professionalism and full attention at all times. The female gender is preferred.


N.B. Compensation: This is a paid internship position. For consideration, candidates must submit a portfolio or resume to info@gleehdfoundation.org or CLICK HERE

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