Start your journey as a Frontend Developer. You’ll learn all you need to know to become a Frontend Developer and build exciting portfolios while learning the fundmentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.

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Create responsive web applications

During the application process, you will be required to complete an objectified assessment to test how well you are able to learn if admitted to the program. You will start from the beginners level with preparatory lessons and resources before you proceed to the intermediate level to boost your confidence with key concepts.


  • A good knowledge of english language.
  • Your own laptop (PC or Mac). Ideally, it should be no more than four-years old and able to run the most recent operating system. The laptop must have a webcam.
  • Headphones and good access to the internet.
  • You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 15-20 hours every week. This is based on the time needed to complete the classes and submit your assignments on time.
  • You must be able to provide two guarantors.

What you’ll learn

This course covers of HTML, CSS, Git, Command Line, JavaScript, working with APIs and a JavaScript liberary e.g. React.


Introduction to Command Line and Git

Command line. IDE. Git. Advanced Git. Collaboration with GitHub.


Markup & Styling

HTML. CSS. Responsive Design. CSS Libraries.



Arrays. Objects. Functions. DOM. Events. Ajax. External API calls. OOP. Promises. Testing.


Practice of Software Engineering

Application Design & Architecture. Testing. Monitoring. Automating. Code Quality. Development methodologies.


Frontend Framework

Modules and Components (React & Redux).


Projects & Career Support

Personal project. Inter-track project. Client Project. Career profile review.

Be mentored by trusted industry experts

We’re on hand to support you and ensure that you’re optimized for success. Here are some of our past tutors and industry guests.


Joseph Rex

Software Engineer



Phebian Chukwurah

Software Developer



Kolapo Oni

Frontend Developer



Ejiro Ogidigbo

Frontend Developer

Transparent & fair payment options

Prioritize learning now, figure out payments later. From upfront payments, to income sharing agreements (ISAs), there are flexible options to accommodate multiple circumstances.

Full Tuition Payment


Pay your fees 100% upfront. No other charges come up during your career.

Installmental Payment Options

Complete your payment within the first four months of the program. ₦146,000 x 4 months

Income Sharing Agreement

₦86,000 enrollment fee + *15% of gross salary over 24 months when you get hired. *VAT exclusive.

African TechSis Scholarship

The African TechSis scholarship makes it possible for you to get up to 50% off your tuition. African TechSis is currently available for all courses and it is effective on all payment options.

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